The Fastest, Easiest, Most Accurate and Affordable Inventory System on the Planet.

Available Now on Both iOS and Android

The single best app for managing your bar & food inventory

Cut Labor Costs

Fly through your inventory in half the time, and even count on multiple devices for lightning fast results.

Increase Profits

By managing purchases and monitoring your pours, the average bar increases profits by $60,000/year.

Deep Insights

Track usage and sales, as well as variance down to the 1/100th of an oz. Bar Patrol sees it all.

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Why Bar Sumo App?

Dead-on Accuracy

Weighing open bottles is by far the most accurate method of measuring your liquor inventory, and with our sleek and speedy Bluetooth Scale, you will fly through your inventory while eliminating human error.

Upload Sales Data From Any POS

Upload your sales data from your POS directly into Bar Patrol so you can track sales and measure the variance between how much your bartenders rang in vs. how much they actually poured.

Ordering & Invoicing With a Single Click

Using your par levels and re-order points Bar Patrol ensures that you never run out and never overspend. With a single click, send your orders off to your supplies and receive orders and create invoices with the same single click of a button.

Powerful Analytics & Insights

Monitor the health of your bar with usage and variance reports that identify losses down to the 1/100th of an oz. Our recipe and item costing identifies your costs, cost percentage and profit for every single item on your menu.

One inventory app to rule them all


Our blueprint mapping features matches your products app-to-shelf so you can spend less time on inventory and more time with guests.


All of your inventories sync instantly as you work so there's no risk of losing your data.


Not only can multiple people count inventory at the same time in different locations, but our blueprint recurring inventory works within each location, allowing every single person to experience app-to-shelf, lightning fast counting. No other app does this.

bluetooth technology

With our Bluetooth technology, you are able to connect to our super-sexy and accurate bluetooth scale from any phone or tablet.